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Tardigrades protect proteins on the brink of death

May 4, 2023, Stephanie DeMarco

"Tardigrades survive heat, freezing, and even space radiation. Now, researchers translate lessons learned from these creatures into more stable drug formulations and new health insights." (Roger Chang is interviewed)


Tardigrades could teach us how to handle the rigors of space travel

July 13, 2022, Douglas Fox

The potential of learning from tardigrades in how to prepare humans and crops for space travel is discussed, citing our recent paper.


Learning from tardigrades

March 25, 2022, Derek Lowe

In the Pipeline's Derek Lowe discusses our recent recent paper establishing the protective properties of IDPs from extremotolerant organisms in human cells.


Making sense of disorder: Investigating intrinscially disordered proteins in the tardigrade proteome via a computational approach

March 22, 2022, Nora Lowe

Nora Lowe presents her poster at The Royal Society Anhydrobiosis meeting.

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